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About Us

At Govan Law we know that difficult family and personal concerns can lead to a need for legal advice and advocacy. Especially when issues around family law and divorce arise—our primary practice areas—we feel that it is essential for attorneys to provide their clients with representation that ‘gets it right the first time’ so that clients can move forward with their lives as soon as possible. This is exactly what we strive to do.

When it comes to matters of family law, we believe strongly that parents are best suited to determine what is best for their children. In the absence of the collaboration needed to come to an agreed upon order that meets the needs of children and produces a fair financial arrangement to move on from divorce, zealous advocacy is of utmost importance in the family law courts of Maine. Govan Law is dedicated to advising clients regarding which options will best serve them and to working hard to make those options a reality.

Although most of our clients live in Maine, we have advocated for clients who live out of the state or out of the country but who have legal matters that require representation in Maine courts, such as in Maine military divorces and other similar cases. Attorney Matthew Govan does what it takes to make sure each client is well-informed and effectively represented.

Please browse through our site to learn more about our areas of practice, our experience in the field of divorce and family law in Maine, some of the key issues that individuals will face as they encounter the Maine family courts, and what alternatives are available. Thank you for visiting.

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