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Matthew Govan is an extremely dedicated and nice person to deal with. He handled my divorce case in a very professional manner. He’s not just a good lawyer; he has a good heart and loves his job. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. Don’t even waste your time and energy over looking for a good lawyer; call Matt and he’ll take care of you.

Z.K., Alexandria, Virginia

When this case erupted at the end of the summer, I went shopping for the best representation I could afford. I had it set in my mind that I needed to spend top money in order to fight for my children. It was a very long, high-conflict, low-hope case. A tragedy, to say the least.

The first day in court was when I learned that representation could/would be appointed. For the first thirty seconds I was so happy and excited just to be represented that it never really sunk in what a court-appointed lawyer is. About two hours later, I was worried again and still searching for representation.

You called within hours of receiving notification that you were appointed (and if not, it felt that way to me). You already had an idea of the case at hand, yet I did not feel judged, and you were eager to meet me. I sincerely felt hopeful when I left our first meeting. I was heard, I felt a part of the process and I felt like I knew what I needed to do (almost nothing!). You and your staff were there through every fear, every doubt, and every stick thrown in our path. Calm, cool and collected. I had read of your experience with my type of case, and that you had represented so many like me, but like many who know this heartache, I read it with a bias out of fear. I didn’t believe it. This case was so complex, I didn’t have faith that even a million-dollar attorney could do it.

Never once did I feel [like I was] a burden. Every phone call was important to you. Every email had a response. Never once did I feel like you were unavailable. Never once did I question your dedication to me, my family and the law. A million dollars doesn’t seem to be enough for the sincerity I found in you.

I want to thank you for your time and dedication to the things that you do. You step outside of the box, you go above and beyond and you truly set the bar as to how any legal experience should go, as any human should be, always his best no matter the audience.

I can leave this stage in my life knowing my family is safe and with a restored faith in how our legal system works. These aren’t accidental side effects of meeting you, Matthew, I feel this was and is your intention in life and how you became who and what you are. With a true passion for the legal process, law, families and justice you perfectly balanced over 16 years of my legal mess into neat little folders. You saw me through from start to finish and for that I wish nothing but the best for you in this life.

I sincerely can’t thank you enough.

V.G., Troy, Maine

Matthew Govan helped me get my children. I’m a single dad and he’s helped me keep my children. I thank him. He’s gone above and beyond. I recommend to anyone to give him a call.

T.F., Conway, New Hampshire

Matthew Govan was a tremendous experience with my case. He took care of me professionally as well as personally, going above and beyond. He knew how to go about the process step by step, making me feel comforted and at ease with the difficulties that I was going through at the time. I had the opportunity of getting to know him on a personal basis, which made me feel more comfortable with Matthew as the attorney handling my case. In fact, I felt as though I was calling a friend, rather than my attorney. I would recommend Matthew Govan as a Family Law attorney because of the representation of care and concern that he has shown. I will happily pass on the experience that I had.

S.D., Portland, Maine

Matthew Govan is an exceptional divorce lawyer. He walked me through the whole process like we were old friends. He’s compassionate and caring. Matthew had my best interest at heart. Getting a divorce was one of the darkest times in my life but with Matthew’s guidance I got through it without too many scars. I highly recommend Matthew Govan for all your legal needs. He’s the best!

M.R., New Gloucester, Maine

The attorney I used for my original divorce did not look out for my interests and basically caved with no intention of ever seeing it through a hearing if necessary. It was then that I learned what an uphill battle it can be to try to modify original orders. It was a battle every inch of the way…but Attorney Govan has a good understanding of what people need to do to get the outcomes they want. It wasn’t about making his job easier for him, it was about enforcing my rights as a parent. His concern continues after all these years.

M.D., Falmouth, Maine

I contacted attorney Govan after my ex filed a motion to modify the parental rights and responsibilities order in response to the motion I had filed to enforce child support. Attorney Govan advised me as to what the process was and what I might expect as the result of a hearing. I knew what was happening throughout the process and the Judge used our proposed order almost verbatim. The best thing was that at no time did attorney Govan ask me to compromise the best interests of my children.

M.C., Saco, Maine

Matthew and his team did wonderful work assisting me in my divorce. They were tough—creative when my ex’s lawyer pushed back, but they also listened and took into account what my end-result goals were. I was able to achieve all financial and material goals in the settlement; my ex and I are still on good terms four months after the divorce finalized. As difficult as divorce is, Matthew, Andrea and Wendi made the process much smoother for me. Thank you everyone.

K.P., Durham, Maine

Attorney Govan represented me during my divorce in Cumberland County, Maine. He helped negotiate a reasonable outcome between me and my daughter’s mother. I never had to set foot in Maine through the whole process.

J.G., Fort Hood, Texas

Mr. Govan took over my divorce and child support case. I was not allowed to be in the States, so I needed a lawyer that I could fully trust. I made the best possible choice for myself because my absence did not stop him from working really hard. Most of us have experienced some kind of cold atmosphere with lawyers and their offices, but Mr. Govan made me feel like we knew each other for many years, and all this by phone and emails. Very friendly, simple, talking, flexible and of course smart. I am very grateful for his representation and I recommend Mr. Govan to everyone who wants this work done.

J.B., Rafina, Greece

Mr. Govan is the most professional, thorough family attorney. He performed above and beyond, and delivered all he said he would. If you need someone that keeps his word and has your best interest in mind, you need to talk to Mr. Govan.

H.B., Fresno, California

I have been in and out of court for close to 4 years with my ex-husband over custody of our 15-year-old son. Even though my son wanted to live with his father, I felt it was in my son’s best interest to remain with me in a stable, healthy environment. A young teenage boy is easily influenced and doesn’t always know what’s best for him.

I was well aware of how difficult this case was going to be, but with the help of Matthew Govan presenting my case in the most professional manner, highlighting what is best for a child and not what a child wants, my son will remain with me.

I highly respect Matthew Govan for his intelligence, professionalism and ability to maintain a caring attitude. I felt this was NOT just another case for him.

D.B., Naples, Maine

After getting nowhere with another lawyer, I found Matthew. He guided me through the court proceedings to help me get custody of my daughter. It was day and night from my other experience. Matthew made me feel like my case was important. He listened to me, kept me informed, even calling on the weekends to give me updates or check in, as well as providing options to help keep the cost down. Matthew was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the process. I’m not sure the results would have been the same if I hadn’t had Matthew working for me.

A.R., Brunswick, Maine
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